LinkedIn For Lawyers - A Step by Step Guide

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The personalized URL must be between five and 30 characters. This includes professors, recruiters, friends of the family, people in your industry—basically anyone. Using LinkedIn on a regular basis is recommended, as this helps keep you in the loop with colleagues and happenings in the field. Go back once a week or so to check out messages, respond to requests for recommendations, make endorsements, comment on articles, send a congratulatory note or update your profile if new things have been happening.

Keep the content to things that are pertinent to your field, such as interesting articles, fun statistics or compelling new innovations. Start a blog if you feel you can keep up with it on a regular basis. Just make sure any content posted is as professional as possible. Though the intricacies of SEO can be difficult to understand, what matters to those creating a good LinkedIn profile boils down to one aspect of SEO: keywords.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile in Expert Tips & Examples

Keywords are certain terms that are of great significance within a certain context. Keywords will make a profile appear higher in searches. They might rely on applicant tracking systems, which in turn rely heavily on keywords specific to a particular industry. Keywords should be used judiciously throughout the profile—but this is a case where a little goes a long way. Carefully placed keywords at the beginning, middle and end of a profile are great. Try not to use exact keywords more than three or four times for every words.

That depends on the profession. Each profession has certain clear keywords that will be sought after by most recruiters; for example, civil engineers might expect to include keywords like AutoCAD, project manager, PMP and the like.

Social Media for Lawyers

Accountants can expect to use keywords like accounting, QuickBooks, financial services, etc. The key to using great keywords is to look at what recruiters are noticing.

“Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management: A Guide for Lawyers”

The best keywords will be those that not only match up with what recruiters are looking for, but that also match your skill set. With so many people on LinkedIn, all trying to get noticed for career advancement, job prospects, building connections and more, how can a person stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips. Now add that little something extra to push it over the top. Here are a few ways to do so. Create a video that showcases who you are and what you do, then upload it to a sharing site and post the URL to LinkedIn.

Written anything good lately? Professional writings, especially those that wind up in journals dedicated to your field or those that make it into high profile publications should be showcased on LinkedIn. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid. LinkedIn is for professionals—period.

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No one is there to waste time. LinkedIn is all about networking, and that requires a bit of a personal connection—so never skip an opportunity to personalize a connection request or message.

Sending out a request without a touch of personality can easily tarnish a good reputation. It is part of your professional development and, just like anything, will take some work to get something out of it. What I have found is that the more I use it, the more useful it becomes to me.

When someone provides an introduction, helps you get a job interview, answers your request for advice or otherwise takes an interest in how things are going for you, circle back and let them know how the situation turned out. Thank them for opening the door to that great job, let them know how their advice helped you, or simply tell them you appreciate the time they took to make introductions on your behalf. How do they know when they have created a successful profile? A profile is successful when the views start piling up, the introductions roll in, comments increase on whatever you post, and recruiters are getting in touch to ask what they can do for you.

Professional development is a constant dance that keeps you moving forward, so celebrate the little successes along the way to that big one—that dream job! This top-notch recruiter near Austin, Texas is reaching out to those who might be interested in working for Facebook. He regularly updates his profile, succinctly explains his experience and has a perfectly professional photo.

This is a great example of a CEO profile, one that includes a multitude of recommendations both given and received and an impressive employment history.

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Here are some of the tried and true steps to take to get into a rhythm. I am sure commenters can adjust and add to this list! All the tools have improved, though, and can put your efforts on steroids with just a few hours a week, right from your desk. Indeed, one dedicated hour at home with LinkedIn may outperform two hours plus travel time at an industry cocktail party. Both have their benefits, neither should be neglected. I think that the business generation aspect has been a natural fallout of reconnecting and will increase.

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I work with start-ups and other small and mid-sized businesses to create a more focused, disciplined marketing culture within their organization. Together we focus their I love forging the right marketing mix for businesses on tight budgets.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin This is the story of an old friend and new convert to social media marketing, a lawyer in Northern California named Mark D. Also, highlight any desirable skills such as languages or awards you have attained. A great element of LinkedIn is the newsfeed area in which other users and yourself can post updates.

Engage with these: like and comment and start conversations, just like you would network at an actual event. From this, you could even make posts of your own. This could be links and comments on news stories. This really is the same as your CV. Look out for any spelling errors and issues with grammar. Highlight any achievements, transferable skills, and how this helped shape your current interests. LinkedIn is essentially a search engine for employers, and you want to make sure that your profile in particular can be found easily.

Add contacts and build a network — this is the main purpose of LinkedIn. Connect with alumni and peers from university and also any firms you may have heard of and have an interest in. This is far more likely to result in a successful connections than just a cold invite out of no where. LinkedIn is a great tool and when used correctly it can open many doors. Remember to have fun creating the best profile possible and taking those first steps into the world of networking!

Linkedin Basics for Lawyers