Captive Voices: New and Selected Poems, 1960-2008 (Southern Messenger Poets)

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If the work seems intelligent on page, they are a show-off in person.

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Luckily, Seamus Heaney is the genuine article. He read to a capacity audience at Indiana University which enjoyed every word. A few highlights and the poems he read:. Auden beckoned me aside afterwards to complain that I had allowed Huchel to read far too many unfamiliar texts for the audience to take in.

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All poets, he said, were tempted to do that; what the chairman should do at such recitals is to suggest reading far fewer poems and reading most of them twice. I wonder whether he ever followed that rule himself? He never did in my limited experience. You were there with poets when you got the word and stayed there with them, while your own flesh and blood was carted to Bellaghy from the Fews. They showed more agitation at the news than you did.

This is a translation of a poem that has been translated many times also. It is twelve lines long, about a scribe being tired of writing. The images in it are in the original; this is a faithful translation. The poet, for example, has a wonderful image of a beetle, being like ink, sparkling. This poem was printed in the Irish Times in June It is supposed to be written by St.

I think it is proper to read the poem here because it is about writing. Certainly it was written by a scribe:. My hand is cramped from penwork. My quill has a tapered point. Its birdmouth issues a blue-dark Beetle spark of ink.

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Wisdom keeps welling in streams From my fine drawn, sallow hand: Riverrun on the vellum Of ink from green-skinned holly. Seamus, make me a side-arm to take on the earth, A suitable tool for digging and grubbing the ground, Lightsome and pleasant to lean on or cut with or lift, Tastily finished and trim and right for the hand. The plate and the edge of it not to be wrinkly or crooked— I see it well shaped from the anvil and sharp from the file, The grain of the wood and the line of the shaft nicely fitted, And best thing of all, the ring of it, sweet as a bell.

Filed under events , poems. Tagged as bloomington , indiana , philoctetes , readings , seamusheaney , sophocles , translation. Folio Found was named for a book of plays after all. New translated theater is rare enough that it deserves special notice. Enjoy by Toshiki Okada , trans. Aya Ogawa , has extended its run through May 1. In the New Yorker :. Anecdotes are eagerly introduced, then derail before arriving at a point.

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Ideas are overexplained into incoherence. Ambition dissolves in a nervous laugh. This is the first production of an Okada play not directed by the playwright himself, and the first one performed in English. Their translation program takes particular care to highlight the distinction between academic translation and translation intended for the stage:. The U. Many American translations come from the academic world and, while useful for study, are not suitable for professional performance. Leave a comment.

Filed under theater. Tagged as 59e59 , ayaogawa , carolrosegg , enjoy , newyork , newyorker , theater , theplaycompany , toshikiokada , translation. We read Catullus last week to introduce the series. Russia responded to the insurrection with harsh retribution against local economic and political leaders: hanging some four hundred, deporting tens of thousands to Siberia, and confiscating 1, estates. Poland had been divided politically over the past century through a series of partitions, and Russian administrators now hoped to eradicate any residual sense of loyalty to a Polish state.

The Catholic Church, the backbone of resistance, was officially denied any union with Rome in Sermons were to be in Russian and traditional hymns abandoned. No bishop remained at the head of his diocese after The Russians also attempted economic change. The landowning gentry were especially hard hit, driven from their land by excessive tax levies or outright confiscation.

As a result of the economic instability, a number of former landowners moved to the cities in search of employment over the following decade. Wandycz , pp. In the intervening years, she would raise six children before separating from her much older husband. Like many of her class and generation, Konopnicka could not find economic opportunities in rural Poland, and moved to Warsaw to work as a literary editor and translator. Their Polish counterparts, however, had no state of their own on account of the partition.

With no political identity to unify Poland, those looking for a national consciousness turned towards cultural leaders. For most of the 19th century, the Polish rallied around Romantic thinkers and writers like Adam Mickiewicz who saw Poland in an intensely patriotic light and advocated armed resistance against outside political dominance. Dark, cold river, ice as king Brings no new and fatal thing; Every year the winter chains thee, Every year the blizzard pains thee.

Once, and twice, the heavy plough Through our land has riven now; Black the cloven clods remain — Waiting, sowing, waiting grain. Hej, siewacze, na wasz trud Czeka ziemia, czeka lud! Stara ziemia czeka was!

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Over us God Himself quenched the flambeau And shook off the ashes upon each narrow house. We go, just as the homeless wanderers go, With withered brows, And the trail of our footsteps is buried soon By the wind of doom. I know, let a sad echo stop telling me What burns me with shame and brings painful turmoil, For I also come from a big cemetery And from blood-soaked soil… And I also fly like a maddened quail Driven by the gale. Against all hope and against confidence Of frigid spirits and death of augurs, I trust in new life of ashes and bones hence, In the dawn of azures.

And why do you, morning dewdrops, Fall to the ground? Why then would the night be shedding Silver tears? If I only walked to and fro In the ploughland And just counted those tears that flow Into the sand… From this sowing people would dread To glean a sheaf, For all the stacks would be blood red Beyond belief! Related book awards Florida Book Award. Weatherford Award. William Carlos Williams Award. Pulitzer Prize. How do series work? Helpers barney67 27 , davidgn Series: Southern Messenger Poets Series by cover 1—8 of 43 next show all. Doing Lucretius: Poems by Sidney Burris.

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Series: Southern Messenger Poets

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Captive Voices: New and Selected Poems, 1960-2008 (Southern Messenger Poets)

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