How to Get Him to Chase You

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And women prefer a man with a job. A man with a lot of resources mean YOU could also have a lot of resources.

How To Make Him Chase You

Resources security are important for our survival. Sometimes a woman will want a man to fulfil her emotional needs or to fill a parental role for her children. To be ME-focused , your thoughts revolve largely around fulfilling your own needs. If your life is in shambles and you feel out of control, focusing on men may seem like a better distraction.

This rule can be seen all throughout nature. Do not get hung up on the exact ratio. Sounds odd at first until you dig deeper into male and female psychology. To PUSH is to put force onto that man. If a man really likes you he may not mind answering once or twice, but to keep asking for reassurances is a big NO-NO.

A planet is formed by rocks smashing together to form bigger and bigger rocks. The larger the mass of these rocks, the more gravitational pull it has for more rocks to fly into it. You work on the natural gravitational pull of a happy and purpose driven life. When I first started chatting to my now husband, I was in the midst of studying Art.

My weekdays and weekends were filled with art assignments and studies.

How to Make a Man Chase You: 15 Ways to Get Him to Fall Hard

It caught his attention that every time he messaged me I would bring up my assignments and what I was working on. He told me he first fell in love with me due to my love and passion for art. Look for a hobby or activity that can be All-Consuming. It needs to be interesting enough for you to effortlessly focus on it long-term.

People are goal-driven organisms. Part 2 is aligning your external behavior and therefore expectations so it supports and holds up your irresistible confidence. Have you ever noticed when you feel in control, you are naturally more confident? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey SAS-sy Beauty! Remember not to be trashy, though. Trash only attracts more trash, so if you dress in a slutty not sexy manner, he will treat you as such. Leave the details of your body to the imagination and you do not have to show off everything at once.

Remember, you are trying to seduce him — not look like a pornstar. When people are desperate, particularly when you are just getting out of a relationship, you might suffer. Breakups are hard, especially if you two were together for a long time. It is normal to suffer, but this period should be brief. You need to pull yourself back up and return to normal. Do not call and pester your ex if you are hoping for a reconciliation and most importantly, do not chase him.

Let him breathe and use reverse psychology to get what you want. At the very least, try to go for a minimum of 30 days without contact. This is a steadfast rule that you should follow. If he does not contact you within a month, there might not be any chance for your relationship reigniting. However, if he does contact you, this is your chance. Play it cool, and do not cry or beg to get back together. He does not need to know that you are desperate.

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When he calls, try to act like an old friend. Be brief but still polite and end your conversation after just a few minutes. This will make him more curious about you and he will likely pick up the phone and call you again very soon. The next time he calls, you can give him a few more minutes of your time.

However, you should not try to be intimidating or put any pressure on him. Interrupt the conversation and hang up after just a few minutes and in a short period of time, he will probably start chasing you again. If you have mutual friends, there is a good likelihood that the two of you will wind up at the same party again at some point.

Do you really want him back?

When you see him, do not approach him or pretend to ignore him. Make eye contact , smile to acknowledge him and then walk away. This can be your biggest aid in getting him to chase you again. Show your confidence and make sure that he can see your new style, lifestyle, or group of friends after the two of you break up. There is probably a high chance that he misses you, or is at least wondering how you are handling the breakup. Commit to working on yourself and showing him how confident you are.

He will probably feel regret and want to get in touch with you again — or want to reignite the relationship all over again. It may not have worked the first time around because you two had vastly different interests. Do not make this mistake again. Remember that men like to hang out with women who have similar tastes and interests.

Try to become interested in his interests, or at the very least, do not roll your eyes and make your disapproval obvious when he is talking about his interests. Be kind and it will be rewarded with what you truly desire — him showing interest in you. Remember that the people who are not easy to get are those that attract us the most. Use this to your advantage.

If he has to work harder to get you, he will chase you more. When you break up, do not show your ex that you still have any interest in him. Do not answer your phone every time he calls and nor respond to all of his messages. A good rule of thumb is to respond to him every third time he contacts you or to wait two days to text back.

Remember that you two are no longer together and that you have a life beyond your failed relationship. When you begin to move away from him, he will begin to think that you are better than him. His ego will be stroked when he gets to chase you again. On that note, keep in mind that men like to feel as though they are the ones in charge. They like to take care of their women and you need to make him feel as though he is in charge. This does not mean that you need to abide by every whim he has. On the flip side, you just need to make him believe that all of your ideas are actually his.

Then, let him go along with that. This is the opposite of what you should do if you want him to chase you again. No matter how much you are suffering, try not to show it — not to your mutual friends and especially not to your ex. At the very best, you may get a bit of compassion or some mild, comforting words but nothing substantial. Do the opposite. Show to everybody that you are confident and tough, even though you two have broken up.

If you have to, pretend that you are fine. If you still keep in contact with mutual friends, do not avoid them.

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  5. They may ask you to go out and after all, the role of your friends is to comfort you. Show them that there is no reason for their compassion.

    How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology (Proven Tricks)

    Be dignified, happy, and upbeat, you can talk about anything, but avoid talking about your ex. This will show to your friends — and by extension, your ex — that you have moved on. Convince them and appear to be doing just fine. Patience is key when you are trying to get a man to chase you again. All of these techniques may not give you instant results or gratification.